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The current method of repair, used by most generic services, involves a great deal of time and money (stationary) by the industry, and is summarized in three phases: Request repair after failure; Repair; Sending the product.  

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The EASY ADVANCE service developed by E-Repair, which is inspired by the concept of speed and technological innovation of Industry 4.0, has allowed us to undermine this "obsolete" concept of repair.

This innovative process, in fact, allows reducing or eliminating machine downtime, giving the client company the opportunity to have regenerated products ready to be installed on the stationary system, replacing the defective product.  


The E-Repair Product Advance service provides 2 types:  

EASY ADVANCE: Advance of regenerated products in case of failure;

EASY 24: Replacement of the defective product with a regenerated product, in 24 hours;

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