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With a view to industry 4.0, which includes the concepts of innovation and effectiveness, E-Repair has developed an innovative system,  consisting of a package of services, aimed at monitoring and preserving the components of the industrial plant, thus reducing the possibility of faults occurring.

Logo Industry Service 4.0


After a careful analysis, E-Repair is able to provide a detailed report on the state of the electronic components of the system, thus providing a PROGRAMMED MAINTENANCE PLAN (to be planned according to the particularities/needs of the plant itself and the production), to considerably reduce the risk of the machine stop. 

Among the most important services of this program we can find:


EASY WASHING: Technological washing and Tropicalization of cards;

EASY BACK-UP: Back-up of both the strategic components and the data they contain;

EASY REPLACEMENT: Replacement of worn parts of the product.

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