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E-Repair has developed a tailor-made service able to provide a detailed report on the state of the plant's electronic components, thus providing a scheduled MAINTENANCE PLAN (to be planned according to the particularities/needs of the plant itself and production), which can greatly reduce the machine-stop risk.  

Logo Safety Replacement

E-Repair has therefore created its own warehouse of regenerated products (CNC, PLC, Servo drives, operator panels, power supplies and various accessories) available to be anticipated to the customer, before the defective product is sent to our laboratory.  


E-Repair is the only company on the market that can offer the service SAFETY REPLACEMENT,

a dedicated strategic electronic products warehouse of the customer's plant, which are constantly checked and reviewed.

In case of failure, the regenerated product will be immediately anticipated to the customer,

so that it can be installed within a few hours from the fault, thus reducing downtimes.    


In combination with the SAFETY REPLACEMENT service, the customer can also take advantage of the following added value services:  

EASY PICK-UP: Collection and delivery of faulty/anticipated/repaired products, directly from the customer's warehouse;

EASY TRACKING: Area dedicated to the site with historical interventions, product traceability and intervention / info request.


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