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The key concept of the EASY REGENERATION service, inspired by the Industry 4.0, is based on simplification of the process, giving the client company the opportunity to have regenerated products ready to be installed on the stationary system, replacing the defective product.

EASY REGENERATION allows you to reduce, if not zero, downtime-machine and to resume production in a very short time, without compromising on quality by immediately placing the replacement product, with significant savings and with the guarantee of regeneration according to the standards of an authorized Siemens laboratory.

E-Repair guarantees its Regenerated Products until 12 months.

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 This service is applicable both for the exchange with the failed product and for sale.


E-Repair also provides the "SAFE REPLACE" service  that it will be able to have a clone of your device at our warehouse,  which will be sent to you immediately, in place of your faulty product.  

Goodbye waiting times for the repair!  



USED ​​PRODUCT: it is an object that has been used before but that may not have been checked, repaired, maintained or cleaned before its sale as a spare part.

REPAIRED PRODUCT: it is a product that has been used previously and that has undergone a repair from an electronic / functional point of view, but that has not been subjected to a general check on the state of its components, nor is the cleaning activity mandatory , aesthetic restoration and testing.

REFURBISHED PRODUCT: it is a product that has been used before and that could have been repaired from an electronic / functional point of view. For this type of product it is not compulsory to carry out a general check of the piece and its components, testing activities, no cleaning or repair / maintenance from an aesthetic point of view.

REGENERAED PRODUCT: It is a new product, used or previously repaired and reconditioned, for wich a general check of the piece and its components has been carried out. In addition, the parts subject to wear have been replaced and the aesthetic cleaning and restoration is carried out, as well as performing the stress testing activity, before sending it to the customer.

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